iPhone- and iPad apps, web- and projectpages for real estate developers, realtors, and prefab home manufacturers 

Smartexposé is a real estate software for mobile devices and webpages, which covers all aspects of modern real estate marketing.

Real estate developers, realtors, and prefab home manufacturers can easily and quickly either create their own app for their business or advertise their properties in one of the SmartExposé marketplaces through standardized exposé formats.

All Smartexposé iPad apps allow for realtors, as well as for customers, to always have their property offers with them, up to date and offline available.


SmartExposé stands for mobile first and multi screen. Because devices don’t replace each other, they complement each other: different devices are used throughout the day always fitting the current situations: no matter if laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, SmartExposé offers a one system solution for all screens which allows you to reach out to your customers at any given time and place.

SmartExposé has a close tie into the real estate industry allowing for thorough and quick feedback through countless realtors, real estate developers and end-user. They all help to make our multiscreen solution better and better.


Standardization of exposés, layouts, and other components of our apps allow for very attractive pricing. Nevertheless the apps are highly customizable to create your very personal app which will perfectly fit your corporate identity.

  • We are looking to add an iOS developer to the SmartExposé Team


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